Gourmet Gold Cheddar
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Gourmet Gold Cheddar

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Gourmet Gold Cheddar

Everything’s better with a little cheddar, and fresh popcorn is certainly no exception. Grandma Jack’s zesty Gourmet Gold Cheddar Popcorn will satisfy any cheese lover’s craving.

At Grandma Jack’s, we refuse to give you lackluster grocery store cheddar popcorn. You won’t find mystery cheese dust or stale kernels. We’ve baked real cheddar cheese goodness into every piece of our fresh popped corn. Try it today and see for yourself. Trust us, you’ll be sold on the gold.

Sample the great taste of our Gourmet Gold Cheddar Popcorn in a variety of sizes ranging from small trial sizes to large buckets. Grandma Jack’s offers flat-rate shipping on all of our 22 unique flavors, whether you choose a 1-quart deli container starting at less than $6 or a 3-gallon box.

Grandma Jack’s Gourmet Gold Cheddar is the perfect addition to your Special Occasion Tin. Pair it with our Gourmet White Cheddar and our Gourmet Bacon Cheddar for a tin bursting with cheese flavor. Available in 2- or 3.5-gallon sizes, the tins are great for sharing at holidays, birthdays and other celebrations.

Shop now to stock up your snack cabinet or send a cheesy gift to a friend.

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