Gourmet Salt and Vinegar
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Gourmet Salt and Vinegar

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Gourmet Salt and Vinegar

There's a common misconception about popcorn lovers out there that we'd like to clear up: Not all of us have a sweet tooth.

Sure, Grandma Jack's got its start with Gourmet Caramel Corn, but that doesn't mean we haven't expanded our palette a bit over the years.

We appreciate savory flavors as much as the sweet ones. We crave the salt and tang that will make our taste buds do backflips.

But instead of reaching for a greasy bag of chips, we snack on our Gourmet Salt and Vinegar Popcorn. The complex flavors of the fresh-popped kernels are a favorite among savory enthusiasts. The balance between sour and salty notes hits a fever pitch after the first bite, and you'll find yourself snacking until your tongue hurts.

Buy a sample today to taste just what we're talking about. Grandma Jack's sells its Gourmet Salt and Vinegar Popcorn in a variety of sizes, and all sizes come with flat-rate shipping.

Make yourself a savory 2 or 3.5-gallon special-occasion tin. Combine the Gourmet Salt and Vinegar Popcorn with two other flavors including Gourmet Herb and Garlic, Gourmet Barbecue, Gourmet Gold Cheddar or Gourmet Jalapeno perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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